Navigating the IT Landscape: Challenges, Trends, and Strategies Unveiled in Hitachi Vantara’s Latest ITaaS Survey

Over 40% of companies experience revenue losses due to technology downtime and the complexities of cloud infrastructure, according to a survey conducted by Hitachi Vantara, the digital solutions subsidiary of Hitachi. The study, titled “Embracing ITaaS For Adaptability and Growth,” involved 213 IT leaders in North America and Europe, shedding light on industry-wide challenges related to security, inflexible systems, isolated data, a shortage of skilled labor, and the need for agile infrastructure.

The research underscores the difficulties arising from escalating data complexities, rigid technology environments, and mounting costs linked to aging or legacy infrastructure. Notable findings include a significant impact on revenue for 56% of businesses due to technology downtime, high total cost of ownership (TCO) or technical debt associated with critical applications for 50% of organizations, and 45% facing challenges in navigating complex cloud landscapes.

Gary Lyng, Vice President of Product and Solutions at Hitachi Vantara, emphasized the crucial role of IT in the digital age and its potential to drive progress. However, he highlighted that complexity hampers innovation, necessitating the expertise of trusted specialists to simplify setup for seamless access to data and applications. Hitachi Vantara aims to address these challenges with its proficiency in storage and digital infrastructure, offering pay-as-you-go solutions to optimize enterprise value and return on investment.

The study also indicates a growing trend in the adoption of IT as a Service (ITaaS), with 42% of leaders expanding their usage. In response to budgetary concerns, IT leaders leverage ITaaS to shift their financing model to predictable operating costs, resulting in an average 20% reduction in TCO. Additionally, the survey forecasts an expected rise in ITaaS adoption across various infrastructure categories, with 56% of respondents currently using it for their primary infrastructure, expected to increase to 86% in three years.

The importance of choosing the right ITaaS vendor is highlighted, with strategic partnerships playing a key role. Decision-makers prioritize factors such as the partner’s proficiency in supporting hybrid and multicloud strategies, providing expertise, and enabling faster innovation through seamless technology service integration.

Conducted in May 2023, Hitachi Vantara commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct the online survey, focusing on ITaaS adoption, infrastructure priorities, challenges, and the significance of ITaaS in addressing key themes. The study captures insights from IT infrastructure decision-makers in diverse industries across North America and Europe.