Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

A Highly Scalable, Efficient, and Affordable Cloud Platform.

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Public cloud scalability, but 100% private and isolated.

You can get the best of both worlds because we make it easy to scale not only your virtual machines, but your entire virtual private cloud environment instantly. Using Maxinvest’s automation and orchestration technology coupled with VMware vCloud Director, you can rapidly self-provision new infrastructure at any time. Your virtual private cloud is completely isolated, but that doesn’t mean making compromises.

Extremely granular control. Purchase by the smallest common denominator.

Allocate additional units of storage, memory, and compute to your virtual private cloud, then divide the resources between your virtual machines. This allows you to maximize resource utilization across virtual machines much more precisely than other methods. Need to scale up? No problem, just allocate more resources to your VPC, and every virtual machine under it will benefit.

Dramatically Faster Time to Market than Colocation and Do-It-Yourself

Deploying a virtual private cloud will empower your IT team because it consolidates servers into one easily-managed environment. Instead of every server being its own environment, you have the power to combine them into one without giving up anything. Allow your IT team to spend less time manually configuring routing tables and servers and more time on helping you grow your business.

Pay Only for the Resources You Need

Enterprises need predictability in pricing. That’s why the various mega-cloud solutions out there are often a poor choice for a large organization; the costs are variable and depend entirely on usage. With a VPC, your cost is fixed because you only pay for resources that you need and nothing more.

Expertly Designed Infrastructure

Each virtual private cloud is custom-built from a mix of enterprise technologies and hardware from such companies as VMware, Hyper-V, Cisco, Intel, and more. Built by the Private Cloud Experts to give your company the advantage it deserves.

A Comprehensive Approach to Security

Every server we deploy is secured from the get-go by Shield, our comprehensive security suite. Shield features include fundamental physical, network, account, server, and application security options. You can add advanced security features to your devices, such as DDoS mitigation and anti-virus protection. 

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