Nvidia Teams Up with Equinix to Revolutionize AI Data Center Infrastructure

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nvidia has joined forces with data center behemoth Equinix to introduce Equinix Private AI with Nvidia DGX—a transformative solution tailored for enterprises seeking to delve into the realm of generative AI without the requisite infrastructure or expertise.

The strategic partnership entails Equinix assuming the role of host and manager for Nvidia DGX supercomputers procured by businesses. This entails a standard colocation arrangement, albeit with a twist—Equinix will house Nvidia GPU clusters, ranging from six to seven figures in cost, instead of conventional x86 servers.

Designed to cater to enterprises averse to public cloud deployment due to concerns surrounding security, data sovereignty, and auditability, Equinix Private AI offers a compelling proposition for businesses navigating the complexities of AI adoption. According to Charlie Boyle, Nvidia’s Vice President of DGX Systems, many enterprises grapple with the intricacies of constructing complex system clusters and lack the requisite expertise to execute this task seamlessly.

The journey towards AI adoption is fraught with challenges, from exorbitant costs to talent scarcity. Equinix’s fully managed service, coupled with its extensive global footprint encompassing 250 facilities across 71 metropolitan areas, addresses these barriers head-on, streamlining the AI deployment process for enterprises.

John Lin, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Data Center Services at Equinix, underscores the transformative impact of Equinix’s Private AI service, enabling customers to expedite the transition from conceptualizing AI infrastructure to operationalizing it effectively.

Equinix’s Private AI offering encompasses Nvidia’s DGX BasePod and SuperPod cluster configurations, featuring a spectrum of GPU systems interconnected via Nvidia’s ultra-low latency InfiniBand networking technology. Managed by Equinix’s proficient services team, the solution incorporates Nvidia’s AI Enterprise platform, equipped with pre-trained models, optimized frameworks, and accelerated data science software libraries—empowering enterprises to develop advanced machine learning models.

Benefitting from Equinix’s high-speed private network connectivity and seamless integration with leading cloud services and enterprise providers, Equinix Private AI with Nvidia DGX represents a paradigm shift in AI infrastructure deployment.

The availability of Equinix Private AI with Nvidia DGX marks a pivotal milestone in the evolution of AI-driven enterprise solutions, offering businesses unparalleled agility and scalability in navigating the complex AI landscape.