08.01.2021 Now Offers Website Development

The commercial arm of WordPress ( announced they were entering the website building business. The announcement was generally not well received by the WordPress web development community. But many softened their response and saw opportunity as more information became available.

WordPress Business

People think of WordPress as the company that develops the open source content management system (CMS) called WordPress. But WordPress is more than the open source development community hosted on

There is also a for profit site that’s hosted on the domain that offers website hosting and domain name registration, among other related services.

The business is a part of a larger collection of WordPress related businesses that are under the Automattic umbrella.

Sister sites run by Automattic include WooCommerce, Gravatar, Jetpack and Akismet, among other businesses.

Automattic’s slogan is:

“We don’t make software for free, we make it for freedom.”

Built By

The WordPress ecosystem has thrived because web developers and programmers contributed to building and testing the open source WordPress CMS and in return they have a great software for offering web design services, plugins and themes.

But now the WordPress brand is being used to sell web development, which is a step beyond offering plugins or hosting.

The service is called Built By

According to the official web page:

“Whether you need a fast and performant eCommerce store for your products and/or services, a polished website for your professional services firm, or an educational website for your online courses, our experts can build it for you on…”

Website Building Plans

The Built By site offers three kinds of “website building plans” that are focused on three kinds of sites.

  • Online Stores
  • Educational Sites
  • Professional Services

That covers eCommerce, online courses, educational sites, and professional services websites. That last category, professional services websites may be local brick and mortar sites like a yoga studio or a moving company.

The landing page states that an “engagement manager” is assigned to the website building project that serves as the point person.

The cost of the websites starts at $4,900. But oddly, the offering is offered at a limited capacity.

According to the site:

“Custom websites starting at $4,900, but space is currently limited as we launch this new service.”

Web Development Community Responds

An important issue raised in the community is the perception that the web development community helped create WordPress. For WordPress to turn around and begin competing against them is like using their own work against them.

One person tweeted:

“See Automattic’s business model has changed. Feel for the developers this will affect. While WordPress built wordpress[dot]com platform and manage the project, it is the unpaid dev community that made it and gave it the rep they market and capitalize on.”

Someone else compared Automattic and WordPress to Amazon and how Amazon created their own products to compete against the retailers selling on their platform.

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The goal then is to keep new businesses within the WordPress ecosystem as opposed to buying into the Wix and Squarespace markets where there is no market at all for WordPress developers.

Others were looking on the bright side of the announcement to see if would open the program up to white label work by trusted agencies. Matt indicated he was open to that.

The entire community wasn’t against the development. Some commented that this did not represent a head-on competition with the WordPress development community, as it was more about competing against companies like Wix and keeping more of the Internet within the WordPress ecosystem.